The Rosary

The beautiful beaded rosary –  hanging on the wall of my house , spread  across to display all the beads and displaying its beautiful shineas the sunlight entered my room. The rays bounced off the beads and added a specular shine to the circular beads. The rosary looks marvelous in its setting with the room all hit with sunlight.I recite the rosary many times and one fine day I pondered as to why I am reciting the rosary. Do I recite the rosary as a tradition?  Because I was born in the Catholic church and came to know about the Rosary through my mother praying the Rosary and the communities saying the Rosary whom I used to join.I wanted to know if there is something more to the Rosary, and that it was not just a formality to complete my catholic duties. What could these beads have in them that would yield such power to influence so many people….As I spoke to people about the Rosary, they said it had an immense power and brought peace in their lives which were Blessed Virgin Mary thro…

The pain of a father

The pain of a Father

Every day brings a worry, and a worry or two always there is always around.People in their life get used to worries, as they are  kind of a routine in the day. But then there comes a time in life when we are hit by something more than a worry, something that is a higher level of pain – a tragedy. An accident or the death of a loved one, which is like a truck ramming us on the road.
Death comes to take all of us. It is a part of life, being the end cycle . Death comes at any time, like a thief stealing your soul in the night. All this information is read in books. But the world of books is not life, though is based on the experiences of life. In reality, a man and a woman marry and bear children. They rear their children to grow and then have children of their own,giving the parents the blessing of grandchildren.
However, destiny is not so kind ksometimes. As on a sudden rainy day, there is a phone call, a dreaded one in which the parents are informed of…

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

St . John the Baptist


The Holy week in the Phillipines

The Holy Week in The Phillipines
       Sitting down in my cubicle, I was watching some videos during the Holy week  when I came across this video of the Holy week that was taking place in the Philippines. I found it quite fascinating , as normally in my country the holy week starts with the Mass services and the Church rituals, but out here in the Philippines there was much more.
      Much more devotion, would be the right thing to say , is what happens in the Philippines where they have an amazing form of devotion to Jesus and to Mother Mary. During the Holy week, there are many things that you will see in the Philippines, where the devotion is practical and you can see the life events of Christ taking place in front on you.     As you walk through the cities in Philippines, you will see the falagellants or the Penitents – where the Philippines. These are people who have these bundle of knives that they lash on their backs, and…

The Shepherd

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 The Shepherd                                                   The Shepherd
                 “ The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want”
I hear this hymn all the time in the Church, and it sits in the mind like a chicken and then goes roaming off after a few minutes.
  But the things that has been staying in the mind is the word “Shepherd” . Shepherd …. Which means “one who tends to sheep”. In the Catholic faith, Jesus is shown as a Shepherd who constantly cares for his sheep who are the Catholics. But how about the profession, the one of a shepherd who goes around taking care of the sheep
  Well, for starters shepherding is an ancient profession which has its roots in history from the times of Christ and probably even before  . Whenever I would think of the Shepherd’s job, then the imagery would play on my mind. The flock of sheep are rounded up and taken over the hills and the shepherds would round them up to graze, and while the sheep are grazing t…


For me, myself I am a Roman Catholic from the Catholic church. I beleive in the Catholic church, everything about it , but am not very active. The church is the mysticl body of christ and is a vast body of celestial divinity on the earth.It showcases huge monuments,made from the vision to bring heaven to earth, and what burns within is a bigger special event of the passion which headlines the creation of the church besides the vast mount of knowledge that the church has to offer.
 From the vast knowledge that the church has to offer, I'd like to talk about the sacraments and one sacrament in particular - the confession.The sacrament of mercy, the joy of reunion with god in purity, and to swim in the waters of peace unstained from the creature called sin.
 I'd like to talk bout it through life experiences and how I came to understand the value of this sacrament - and how it is required in today's times.This is the time I was a teenager, and I wanted to explore …